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New Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes in EasyPower 9.6

The following new feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes are included in EasyPower 9.6. Follow this link for a summary of these changes as well as installation intructions.

New Features

Scenario Comparison Reports: The new Equipment Duty Scenario Comparison Report enables you to identify overdutied equipment in scenarios and to report on the best and worst case scenarios.

SKM Import: You now have the ability to import data to EasyPower from an SKM format export file.

Unicode Support: EasyPower now supports unicode characters. This enables you to type unicode characters anywhere you can enter information, such as in equipment names, descriptions, notes, file names, scenario names, TCC plot names, and device library entries.


Arc Flash Labels: Labels can be set to not print for a specific bus by selecting a number of labels to print as 0.

Auto Design: VFD motor circuits are now treated as a feeder circuit instead of a motor circuit.


  • LV Breaker options for an ATS now include LVPCB.
  • Fault X FLA range on rectifiers has been increased from 10 to 10,000.
  • Two winding transformers now include auto-calculation for ohms of resistance.

Database Report/Browser:

  • The Duct Config field now appears on the Database Report and when exporting to Excel.
  • Maintenance Mode and ZSI data now appear in separate columns instead of in separate rows in the Database Report, Database Browser, TCCs, and the Coordination report.

Equipment Defaults: The default equipment list now includes DC and other new equipment items.

Help: Updated appearance and improved topic navigation, with access to web-based Help.


  • Improved installation experience.
  • Improved program update experience.
  • Files are copied to your Documents library instead of ProgramData on the first time the program is run.
  • The installation now installs the full program on all computers; the server installation includes the license management services.


  • Authorization code expanded to 25 characters. It is no longer necessary to change the authorization code when your feature configuration changes.
  • New Manage Licenses feature enables the ability to switch between licenses on a single computer.

Options: The Equipment Pallet lock is no longer selected as the default setting.

Scenario Comparison Reports:

  • Added columns to the Arc Flash Hazard Scenario Comparison Report, including Bus Name and Equipment columns.
  • Existing Results groups are now migrated and split into View and Equipment Groups.
  • Select and configure Equipment Groups.
  • Select and configure Views.
  • Modifications of the process to select and configure Scenario Groups.
  • Font sizes are adjusted so content fits on the width of a page.
  • Ability to export to CSV.

Short Circuit: New “Arrange for Arc Flash” button on the Short Circuit ribbon.


  • The SmartPDC™ tutorial has been updated to demonstrate a simpler TCC example.
  • The link to the tutorials on the splash screen now displays an organized page to help users better understand the typical flow of the tutorials.

Work Permits: The work permit template has been renamed to WPTemplate.docx and can now be saved with a user-specified name.

Bug Fixes

Arc Flash: Arc flash results are now calculated for magnetic-only breakers that have a low tolerance of 0%.

Arc Flash Hazard Reports: The Device Code field now appears in the Arc Flash Hazard Report.


  • Enabling ZSI coordination upstream on a downstream breaker no longer results in an incorrect representation of the TCC and its functionality.
  • The sequence of events results now correctly reflect changes made to relay data in a scenario.
  • When a relay is removed and re-inserted on a one-line, the sequence of events results for the new relay now appear on the one-line.


  • When a dialog box is opened, the ID Name is now the default selected field for all items.
  • Manufacturer abbreviations are now correctly reflected on the one-line if they are changed.
  • In the Motor data dialog box, the TCC tab for metric motors now shows kW units instead of HP.

Database Report/Browser:

  • Changed scaling factors for DC loads now appear correctly in the Database Report.
  • Batteries and photovoltaics now appear on the Database Report.

Drawings: Branch connection issues are resolved and no longer cause the program to stop responding.

Dynamic Stability: Model datasheet graphics are improved.


  • Five items are now correctly supported per plot defined.
  • For one-lines in which the branch flow is zero, the one-line and the Current Flow Report now both correctly indicate the zero amount.
  • The Spectra report now spells out the equipment type name instead of displaying acronyms.

Hyperlinks: Hyperlink paths are no longer absolute paths but are now relative to the location of the .DEZ file.

Library: In Solid State Trips, on the Maint-Inst tab, the Step box is now active when Continuous is selected.

One-Lines: If you use the right-click context menu to change the text visibility to always hide data, data for DC equipment is no longer displayed.


  • Single phase, 2 pole loads are now calculating correctly in a 3 phase, 3 wire panel.
  • Power flow results with Code Factor kVA or Design kVA now reflect the correct amounts when the load is not defined on the panel.
  • One-line data now correctly shows load data based on Code Factor kVA.

Options: The range for the metric settings in Options on the Grid tab has been adjusted.

Relay TCC: Between independent TOC and IOC functions, the faster TCC is now shown.

Reports: Reports such as Short Circuit reports and the Scenario Comparison reports are no longer randomly highlighted.

Scenario Comparison Report: Arc flash incident energy is now rounded consistently to the first decimal on both the Arc Flash Scenario Report and the Arc Flash Hazard Report.

Schedules: When panel data has a single pole load (motor or load type), the inserted schedule now displays all the digits of the VA value.

Short Circuit:

  • Correction have been made to line end fault calculations.
  • Rectifiers no longer show flow on the one-line in certain situations when the upstream breaker to the source is open.


  • Line-to-Line and Double-Line-to-Ground faults now report the same results for the TCC tick marks as the momentary and interrupting asymmetrical currents.
  • Adjustments were made to short time delay plotting.
  • The default instantaneous time delay is now 0.01.
  • Knee points of transformer damage curves have been revised.
  • The relay curve shape has been corrected when TOC Def Time is equal to IOC Time.
  • Stored TCCs now plot the shifted fuse curve correctly.

Work Permits: Work permits are now stored in the same location as the work permit template, as indicated by File Locations.