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New Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes in EasyPower 9.7

The following new feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes are included in EasyPower 9.7. Follow this link for a summary of these changes as well as installation intructions.

NFPA 70E 2015 Enhancements

Tool Points of Connection

Arc Flash

SKM Import


Other Enhancements

Bug Fixes

Arc Flash: Printing multiple Arc Flash Labels no longer results in an Out Of Memory situation.

Coordination: Changing the configuration of the TCC coordination report no longer causes additional check boxes in the configuration to be selected.

Defaults: Changing the default Note, Line, or Picture properties on a Windows 7 computer no longer causes EasyPower to stop responding.

Device Library: Renaming a new style in the device library for generic curves now works as expected.

DXF Export:

  • Unicode characters in an EasyPower .DXF export are now displayed correctly in the viewer.
  • Exported .DXF files can now be opened in a .DXF file viewer.

Dynamic Stability: The synchronous motor model in Dynamic Stability has been fixed and enhanced to apply the flash field at a set time.

Options: Fonts already set in a previous version of EasyPower now appear correctly as set instead of displaying the default font.

Scenario Comparison Reports:

  • Exporting a large data set to Excel, CSV, or to print no longer causes the program to stop responding, but instead displays a message indicating there is insufficient memory to perform the task.
  • You can now cancel the report without the report terminating unexpectedly.

Scenario Manager: Opening a newly created scenario no longer causes the program to stop responding.

Short Circuit: EasyPower no longer stops responding while entering the Short Circuit focus when an AFD exists on the one-line.

SKM Import: When importing panel circuits, the load value used by EasyPower is now multiplied by the circuit quantity.

SmartPDC: Performing auto coordination for a relay no longer causes the program to stop responding.


  • Ground SST curves no longer shift to the left due to an incorrect settings change, after you format the TCC appearance.
  • Ground curves now appear when they are plotted without having to click OK in a dialog box first.
  • A relay plot now shows the line for the short time delay.
  • Attempting to sync TCC colors no longer causes the program to stop responding.
Updates: An error message is no longer displayed when you attempt to update EasyPower while using a network key.