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Calculate and Comply

Performing fault calculations and complying with international regulations couldn’t be any easier.
IEC ShortCircuit quickly ensures IEC 60909, IEC-56, IEC-62271, IEC-947-2, and IEC-127 compliance so equipment remains safe and reliable.
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Short Circuit Calculations Made Easy

EasyPower IEC ShortCircuit™ delivers effortless, razor-sharp tools to:

Benefits | Setting the Benchmark

No other program on the market begins to approach ShortCircuit’s:

Compare and Verify

SmartDuty™, an expert system included with IEC ShortCircuit, compares each equipment rating with the calculated fault duties, highlighting any problem areas on the one-line and providing a tabular report showing the equipment data, the available fault current, and the critical problem areas.

For the utmost in speed and accuracy, rely on SmartDuty to automatically determine the critical current through the equipment—line-side or load-side—whichever is greatest for the most accurate comparison available.

Design | Troubleshoot | Protect

With simple mouse clicks, system designers can easily determine the proper equipment ratings for:

Using ShortCircuit’s advanced tools, analytical engineers troubleshoot many types of electrical problems, including protective device tripping, arc flash hazards, equipment damage, and more.

Operators are able to make intelligent switching decisions using ShortCircuit’s quick and accurate calculations of fault duties. Switching and equipment duty conditions are clearly displayed, helping to avoid dangerous hazards.

IEC ShortCircuit also includes Integrated One-Line, SmartBreaker™, ScenarioManager™, MCC and Panel Schedules, and SendCAD™.

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