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Study Countless Scenarios | One Database | A Few Clicks

ScenarioManager power system modeling software delivers powerful tools to model and analyze countless power system scenarios—without the hassle of juggling dozens of separate databases. Always working in a single database and using simple mouse clicks, you won’t find a faster, easier, or more streamlined way to test different operating conditions.

An included feature with all EasyPower configurations, ScenarioManager power system modeling software makes it a cinch to:  

Arc Flash Detangled

  • Check multiple arc flash scenarios in a single database
  • Compare the best, worst, and base cases side by side in an automatically generated report
  • Determine PPE settings and arc flash boundaries for various conditions
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With ScenarioManager, you get simple and intelligent tools to analyze any possible scenario at your facility, including shut-down, tie breaker open/closed, emergency operation, and generator on/off settings.

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