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Power Factor Analysis

Power-factor improvement is a cost-effective method to meet the reactive demand of a plant or distribution system. Power-factor improvement may be warranted simply from the benefits it provides in voltage increase and reduced loading of transformers, cables, and generators.

The technical and economic value of power factor improvement is verified through an analysis of the plant electrical system and loads. Also, planning for present and future kVAR needs may require additional studies. If harmonics are present, the selection of capacitors will be more complex and the location more critical. Frequent switching of capacitors can cause transient over-voltages, and isolated motors on capacitors may have to be examined for self-excitation.

EasyPower® PowerFlow serves as an excellent tool to evaluate power factor improvement alternatives. Using PowerFlow, EasyPower engineers can provide power flow analysis to reveal actual power factor correction, while providing analysis of potential problem areas. Excessive voltage regulation may indicate a need for including automatic voltage control equipment.

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