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Installing Our Software

What are the minimum system requirements for EasyPower and EasySolv?

What do I need to install EasyPower?
All of the following is required for installation and is included in your package:

  1. FAQs Installation CD , which contains installation software, device drivers, tutorials, user’s manual, and other utilities.
  2. Serial number and authorization code issued by EasyPower, which you will be prompted to enter during the installation process.
  3. Hardware key (dongle: parallel port or USB key), which is required at all times for operating the software. This is a device that is plugged into your printer port or a USB port. A separate hardware key is provided for each stand-alone copy purchased.

What is a hardware key/dongle?
EasyPower’s main physical security mechanism is a hardware key, available for a parallel port or USB port. EasyPower can be installed on multiple machines; however, the hardware key must be plugged into the machine currently using EasyPower. This maintains the single-user status.

After installing, how do I run the program?
Click on the Windows Start button. Then choose Programs, EasyPower (or EasyPower Demo, if you have the demo version).

Can I install multiple versions of EasyPower on the same machine?
Yes, you can have multiple versions of EasyPower on the same machine. For example, if you already have EasyPower 9.8, you can also install EasyPower 10.0 without overwriting 9.8. The new version will be installed in a new program folder.

I have an older version of EasyPower (8.0, for example). How can I update to the latest version?
Version updates are included at no additional charge, as long as your maintenance plan is kept current. We will provide the installation CD for the latest EasyPower version and a new authorization code once your maintenance plan is brought current. Please contact EasyPower to update from an older version.

Note: A regular update within the same version is like service packs. A new EasyPower version needs to be installed because it requires new system files, and is installed as a separate program.

Can I install EasyPower on a local or a network drive?
EasyPower can be installed on either a local or network drive, regardless of whether the local or network version is purchased. Also, EasyPower does not require you to save your data files in the same directory as where EasyPower is installed. Therefore, you can install EasyPower on a local drive, but save your data files on a network drive that is backed up. The program itself does not need to be backed up since it can always be reinstalled.

Can I have a network license that can be accessed over the Internet if the users are in different cities?
Yes. You will need to do a full install on every user machine. When you do the setup for each user machine, you will need to specify the IP address of the machine that has the license manager and the hardware key.

Where is the default location for EasyPower program files?
The default folder for EasyPower is C:\ProgramData\EasyPower\EasyPower. You can choose a different folder during installation.

How do I uninstall EasyPower or EasyPower Demo?
Select the Windows Start button, then Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Then select EasyPower and press the Remove button.

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