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Learning and Using EasyPower

Do I need training to use EasyPower?
No. EasyPower is very intuitive and easy to use. However, to take full advantage of all the advanced features, we recommend attending a regional PowerClass, held periodically throughout the year. We can also schedule Client Site training at your facility. We offer one-on-one support from an EasyPower engineer in a customized Web-based session. Or watch one of our free online training videos at your convenience.

How can I learn EasyPower on my own?

  1. Help: EasyPower includes an extensive Help system that describes how to use the program. To open Help, click the Help icon or press the F1 key in any EasyPower dialog box.
  2. Tutorials: Our tutorials step you through the important features of EasyPower and help you to quickly get familiar with the program. Tutorials are available in two formats:
    • Online: You can view online versions of the tutorials by opening the EasyPower Help and then browsing to the “Tutorials” topic.
    • Print: You can view printable PDF versions of the tutorials by browsing to C:\ProgramData\EasyPower\EasyPower\9.X\Docs. Note that you may need to change your Windows settings to see the ProgramData folder.
    If you are new to EasyPower, we suggest starting with the Creating a One-line tutorial, followed by the Short Circuit and Arc Flash Hazard Analysis tutorials.
  3. User Manuals: An EasyPower Basics manual is provided with your installation package. A more extensive reference manual is available in PDF format on the installation CD, also located in C:\ProgramData\EasyPower\EasyPower\9.X\Docs.

Is technical support available from EasyPower engineers?
Complimentary email and phone support is available to licensed users with a current maintenance plan and users evaluating a demonstration copy. Ask engineers your specific EasyPower technical questions via email or by calling +1(503) 655-5059 during regular business hours (PST).

Also, online engineering support may be purchased for one-on-one Web-based engineering instruction, troubleshooting your engineering problems, reviewing your one-line, and more.

Do you offer in-person training for EasyPower or arc flash safety?
Yes, regional classes are held in different cities throughout the year, and seminars are also offered onsite at a client-specified location. Get more details.

What is a bus?
A bus is a node or a connection point within the one-line.

Can I see your protective device data library? What devices are within EasyPower?
We have an extensive device library which may be viewed or downloaded from the demo or installation CD. Our tech support engineers would be happy to talk with you regarding the specific devices you’re looking for.

Can I add or modify EasyPower’s device library?
Yes, you can customize your device library. We’re also happy to add any devices not currently in EasyPower, or we can show you how to do this. (If we add the devices, it is free of charge for customers with a current maintenance plan and based on our engineers’ availability.)

Can EasyPower export files to a CAD program?
Yes, EasyPower’s SendCAD feature allows you to export EasyPower one-line and drawing graphics to a DXF file (or files) for AutoCAD® and other CAD programs. In addition, EasyPower MCC, panel, switchgear, switchboard, and panelboard schedules export to DXF.

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