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Using EasyPower for Arc Flash Safety

Does EasyPower follow the IEEE Standard 1584, NFPA 70E, or CSA Z462?
Yes, EasyPower complies with NFPA 70E, IEEE-1584, and CSA Z462.

How do I print out the one-line with the arc flash hazard results?
After running the arc flash calculations, click on the Print button and select the printer/plotter.

How do I export the drawing with arc flash hazard results to AutoCAD?
After running the arc flash calculations, select File/Export from the menu, and save as “.dxf” file format. You can open the saved file using AutoCAD.

How do I create an arc flash hazard report?
Select from the menu, Tools/Short Circuit Options/Arc Flash Hazards. Then check the box for Create Report for Arc Flash Hazard Spreadsheet. After running the arc flash calculations, you can view the report by choosing Window from the menu.

How do I create arc flash hazard warning labels?
In the Arc Flash Hazard Report window, select from the menu, File/Print Label/All Devices (or Selected Devices). Select the appropriate label printer name in the print dialog box.

Can I save the warning labels as a PDF file so that someone else can print it later?
Yes, if you have a PDF writer (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PDF, etc.). From the arc flash hazard report, select File/Print Label/All Devices (or Selected Devices). In the print dialog, select the “PDF writer” instead of a label printer. Provide a file name to save as, when prompted.

What size are arc flash hazard warning labels?
A typical size is 6 inches wide by 4 inches high. Based on the label printer size, you can have different sizes of labels. EasyPower software comes with several templates for arc flash labels, enabling you to customize your own labels.

Can I add comments to warning labels?
Yes. When you print the labels, the print dialog has a comment field at the bottom. Type in the text you want to add and this will appear on the label.

Can I change the description of PPE printed on the warning label?
Yes. You need to edit the description from the EasyPower standard library. Open the EasyPower library when you are in Database Edit ribbon mode by choosing the big e button on the upper left, then Open Library/Stdlib.mdb. In the left panel of the "Stdlib" window, click on PPE Levels/Levels. On the right window, a spreadsheet will appear. You can edit the description column.

How do I disable arc flash hazard calculations for nodes, terminations or certain equipment?
In Database Edit mode, double-click on the equipment to view the data. This needs to be a bus, MCC, panel, or ATS. Select the Arc Flash Hazard tab. Check the box for “Exclude this bus from arc flash hazard report.”

What additional resources do you have for company-wide arc flash safety programs?
Our arc flash resource center has a wealth of free information, including a 20+ page arc flash study specification template, and a 133-page book, Practical Solution Guide to Arc Flash Hazards, to help you ensure safety and compliance.

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