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About Our Products and Services

What are your products and services?
We develop electrical engineering software products. Our family of products includes the EasyPower® suite, EasySolv™, OnSite™, and OneLine Designer™. We also provide training for EasyPower and electrical safety in general, in addition to offering a full range of engineering services.

What engineering services do you provide?
As a full-service firm, we offer system studies and Web-based engineering support, using the latest online meeting tool that basically allows you to look over our shoulder as we work on your specific project.

What is EasyPower?
EasyPower is the name of our company, as well as the name of our flagship software program for intelligently designing, analyzing, and monitoring electrical power systems. The EasyPower suite offers a full lineup of easy-to-use tools that can be configured and scaled to your specific needs.

Who should use EasyPower?
Electrical engineers, contractors, electricians, and plant personnel will all save considerable time and effort by using EasyPower. Please see our product comparison chart to determine which configuration is best for you, or explore all the included and optional features further.

Why should I buy EasyPower instead of the competitors’ products?
Simply put, you will save countless hours, and therefore thousands of dollars, using the easiest and fastest program on the market.

Of all the power system software programs available, EasyPower is the:

  1. First developed from the ground up, in Windows®
  2. Easiest to use with its intuitive graphical interface
  3. Fastest, delivering results to complex calculations in milliseconds
  4. Most automated with one-touch design and PDC features
  5. Smartest, providing insightful analysis backed by our team of expert engineers
  6. Only truly integrated one-line
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