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EasyPower weekly webinar series

Weekly Informational and Training Webinars

At EasyPower, we offer a variety of weekly webinar sessions to help you become better acquainted with the software and to further develop your skills and understanding. There are two different types of webinars.

If you are not currently using EasyPower, download a free demo version of the software and sign up for one of these classes or view the free training videos. We also offer extensive regional and on-site training options - view our training schedule.

Webinar Schedule

Tuesday Refresher Webinars - 8:00—8:30am PST (weekly)

  • Topic - Refresher/beginner series for using EasyPower software, various topics. This will include insights and tips for using EasyPower, not system engineering, which is often covered more in the Thursday Webinars.
  • Earlier Refresher Webinar Videos - See Recorded Videos Here

Arc Flash Webinar Series

In March we are running our quarterly 4-part Arc Flash Webinar series, which will focus on how to reduce the cost of NFPA 70E compliance. It is intended for facility engineers, facility managers, safety managers, or anyone tasked with ensuring arc flash compliance.

  • March 7, 2017 - Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 1, Regulations and Industry Standard requirements
    • GoToMeeting info - Completed, watch for the next series in June

  • March 14, 2017 - Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 2, Data Collection
    • GoToMeeting info - Completed, watch for the next series in June

  • March 21, 2017 - Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 3, Modeling and Initial System Analysis
    • GoToMeeting info - Completed, watch for the next series in June

  • March 28, 2017 - Arc Flash the Easy Way - Part 4, Reports, Labels and Project Recommendations
    • GoToMeeting info - Completed, watch for the next series in June
  • Starting in April, we are shifting to have the EasyPower Refresher Webinars every-other-week. They will alternate weeks with the Thursday webinars, so there will be one webinar per week.

  • April 4th Topic - Top 10 Most Common Errors in Arc Flash - Part 2

  • April 18th Topic - How to model SEL 751 Relay for Arc Flash Protection in EasyPower

  • May 2nd Topic - Arc Flash Answers to User Submitted Questions

  • May 16th Topic - Modeling Newer Arc Flash Mitigation Components in EasyPower
    • Completed - Sorry, no video available

  • May 30th Topic - Bus Ducts Can Be a Source of Arc Flash Hazards: Modeling Them  in EasyPower

  • June 13th Topic - Cleaning Up Your One-line. Does It Resemble a Ball of Spaghetti?

Thursday Webinars - 10:00am PST (2-3 times per month) - Topic varies:

Be sure to sign up and watch the webinars live, so you won't miss any of the valuable information. Sometimes we are not able to provide recorded versions of the webinars afterwards, due to legal limitations of the presenter's employer. You will only be able to hear the questions and answers at the end in the live session, they are not included in the recording that is posted later.

  • April 13th Topic - Symmetrical Component Method of Short Circuit Calculations

  • April 27th Topic - NFPA 70E Arc Flash & Shock - Getting It Right!
    • Presented by Terry Becker, PE, CESCP, IEEE Senior Member
    • Completed - Watch Video now

  • May 11th Topic - EasyPower Integrated Method for Arc Flash Energy Calculations, and Applications
    • Presented by Afshin Majd, PhD, PE - EasyPower Principal Engineer
    • Completed - Watch Video now

  • May 25th Topic - Protection and Overcurrent Coordination - Part 1
    • Presented by Claudio Mardegan at Engepower in Brazil
    • GoToMeeting info - Register Now (you can register below for Part 2 on June 22nd)

  • June 8th Topic - The Top 6 Power Factor Misconceptions Resulting from Harmonics
    • Presented by Tony Hoevenaars at Mirus International
    • GoToMeeting info - Register Now

  • June 22nd Topic - Protection and Overcurrent Coordination - Part 2
    • Presented by Claudio Mardegan at Engepower in Brazil
    • GoToMeeting info - Register Now
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