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Using Harmonic Analysis Software - Harmonics Part 1

This session, taught by Paul B. Steciuk of Northeast Power Systems Inc, will show how harmonic analysis tools such as EasyPower are indispensable tools that aid engineers with the evaluation and mitigation of harmonics on industrial and utility power systems. However when these tools are presented with bad input data or the program output is interpreted improperly it can lead to incorrect system designs. NEPSI will provide background information on harmonics and provide the key steps in performing harmonic analysis using EasyPower, with discussions about input data (extent of modelling, impedance data, harmonic data, modeling of stray capacitance, inter-harmonics, and non-characteristic harmonics), data validation, model validation, filter design, resonance, and interpretation of program outputs.

Spreadsheet filter design tools will also be provided to facilitate the proper selection and verification of reactor, resistor, fuse, and capacitor component ratings. These specially-designed tools also assist with determining key filter parameter data required by EasyPower and help with their ratings.

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